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Android Mobile + Web Applications

Tool Management System

Maintain detailed records of assets and inventory management.

  • Check out assets to individuals using their barcoded ID badge and the asset's barcode.
  • Assign due dates.
  • Track location by address, GPS, and specific locations at a facility using barcoded location tags.
  • Generate spreadsheets of usage and depreciation history.
  • Track maintenance and scheduled service, supplier details and warranty expiration.
  • Manage barcoded physical assets using your Android phone.
  • Barcoded location tags to track assets.
  • Scan assets and employee badges for fast checkout of tools, computer and equipment.
  • Smartphone and web-based asset tracking and inventory management.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Automate fire extinguisher inspection documentation.

  • Scan fire extinguisher barcodes using your Android phone
  • Automatically recall the details about that particular unit.
  • Record monthly inspection and multi-year maintenance data.
  • Record data in a format suitable for viewing in a spreadsheet.
  • Email results to designations that you specify.
  • NFPA 10 compliant records.
  • Capture inspector and facility manager signatures.
  • Uses just your Android smartphone
  • No special purpose hardware to buy.
  • Manage data from multiple inspectors.
  • Generate professional looking reports from the web.

Proof Of Delivery Software

Automate dispatch scheduling and proof of delivery documentation.

  • Save hours on paperwork each week.
  • The Proof Of Service automates determination of the location of delivery and signatures to provide digital proof / documentation of your deliveries.
  • Scan barcodes.
  • Takes photos with timestamps and GPS coordinates.
  • Signature capture on your smartphone.
  • Schedule deliveries from a web portal.
  • Drivers schedules downloaded to their Android smartphone
  • Eliminate time wasted wating for schedules.
  • Monitor deliveries from a web portal
  • Eliminate need for constant contact with drivers for status.

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Mobile Applications for the Intelligent Enterprise

Tool management, asset tracking, fire & life safety inspections and delivery tracking are job junctions that can reap tremendous efficiency gains from the use of smartphone and cloud computing technology.

Intelligent Loop develops affordable, simple mobile applications that help you do your job, then gets out of your way.

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