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Fire Extinguisher Inspection App .

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Viewing from your mobile

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Features

This application is currently supported on Android Smartphones and is available in the Android Marketplace

Android Application Features

Capture NFPA 10 compliant monthly inspection

Record m aintenance, annual and multi-year inspection records on your Android Smartphone

Using the smartphone's scan application to read the fire extinguisher's serial number or other barcoded identifier

Email results to yourself or any other designations that you specify.

Results are sent in formatted and unformated versions. The formatted XML version is viewed nicely in MS Excel or in a browser. The unformatted CSV version can be viewed in any spreadsheet.


Web-based Management Features

Store and access results securely from anywhere with web-access.

Share results with other inspectors, facility managers, building owners.

Upload and share facility and fire extinguisher inventory between inspectors.

Generate reports online in a myriad of formats including PDF, MS Word / RTF, MS Excel, HTML, plain text and CSV.

View historical inspection information online

View inspection and maintenance records for a given fire extinguisher

View summary and detailed inventory and inspection and maintenance records

Cost is $49 per month on a pay as you go subscription. Try a 30 day free trial.






Ready to find the Fire Extinguisher Inspection App in the Android Marketplace?

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$14.99 USD includes free upgrades.